Cilia/Centrosome Complex Interactome

Cilia are microtubule-based organelles protruding from the cell surface of almost all mammalian cells and exert diverse motility and sensory functions. Ciliary dysfunction has been implicated in several disorders called ciliopathies, and their number is expected to increase.

Although thousands of proteins potentially involved in ciliary function have been identified, much remains to be determined on the way they interact and co-operate.

As a first step towards a more organic view of the ciliome, we have applied a system biology approach to provide a preliminary characterization of the Cilia/Centrosome Complex Interactome (CCCI).

We collected and scrutinized data from publically available databases obtaining a network of about 12,000 interactions among 1,700 genes. Properties and functions of the interactome are investigated through bioinformatics analysis, in particular by looking at communities, i.e. group of genes strongly connected to each other, which carry out specific biological functions.


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This work was supported by the Fondazione Telethon (grant number TGM11CB3). Funding for Open access charge: Fondazione Telethon.

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